I woke up this morning with a zest for life and refreshed and balanced. As we inch closer to the 6 month mark, so much has happened. #LOVEWINS has taken on a life of its own. The Board has taken HUGE steps to take it to the next level. 501c3 in action and the people we are helping are forever grateful this month angel is being celebrated and we are helping other movements within the #COUNTRYSTRONG family and it’s truly humbling the people that are reaching out and helping us, every donation is appreciated and is greatly appreciated and used wisely and in the most effective manner. I am working hard with everyone involved at all levels to make sure we have a GREAT COUNTRY CONCERT SEASON this year. Be on the lookout for #LOVEWINS at all concerts in SO-CAL and other cities near you. Alicia SotoSoto is hosting the next #LOVEWINS PHOTO GATHERING AND HEALING in the I.E. more information to be released soon. The date is April 22! I’m excited to come and capture the love and healing. I’m working on something super special for #LOVEWINS movement and will have the announcement sooner then later! Guys keep it up. We are making a difference one random act at a time. I’m doing a challenge today…… I’m starting it off with a $58 donation to #LOVEWINS IN HONOR OF OUR 58 GUARDIAN ANGEL’S, and what I’m asking of you, donate what you can and for every donation of $5.00 or more you will receive a #LOVEWINS braclett that was donated so generously by Sherry Evans Hansen to #LOVEWNS and I’ll do that till they are gone. We are changing lives because of YOU GUYS! I’m truly humbled by the support we are receive from a little idea, that turned

into a mission that started a movement! Truly humbled to be on this journey with all of you! To donate go to

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