There are no words… There are no words to express the heartache for all the families involved in Florida today. There are no words to share that we can empathize with you. There are no words that can take away this terror or bring back your child. The only thing I can say, as I write this through tears, is that you are not alone. Unfortunately, this world can be so cruel at times, yet please believe that it is love that will carry you through this tragedy. Us survivors, from the Las Vegas shooting are here. We are here as a safe place. A place of understanding, a place to share your fears and a place to help you overcome such ugliness. From myself and all survivors, we are truly sorry for the loss of so many lives, the terror that so many children experienced and the parents. Man, the parents, waiting on the outskirts to hear if their babies are safe. We are truly sorry for all that you have experienced. Please believe we are here to support you through this unimaginable time. #LOVEWINS


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