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Read how LOVEWINS came to be.

One man’s idea that a Random Act of Kindness WILL Change the World!


Amanda Johnson

Board Member, Family of Route 91 Survivor

My name is Amanda.

My friend Jenny died on Oct 1 2017 and my little brother was badly injured. I wanted to help in some way, and that’s when I met Dennis and we had a vision of a holiday drive to help all the children and families of the 58. I started raising money and writing bios each month of the Angels, and I’ve never looked back. I truly believe the world can be changed one random act of kindness at a time. I love honoring Jenny and the rest of those taken tragically. 

Greg Phelps

Board Member, Route 91 Survivor

October 1st, 2017 was a night that changed my life forever. In a few short minutes my mom, wife, and I went from having the best time of our lives to living in sheer terror. Our time on this earth wasn’t complete yet, so for some reason we were blessed with another day while so many others were not.  Out of the chaos I felt a need to give back to those who weren’t as fortunate as we were, and so I met Dennis and offered to assist with helping a local family where three young boys had lost their mom that night. One thing led to another, and I dove in headfirst to help the #LOVEWINS movement based on the premise that “A random act of kindness will change the world”. Please join us by sharing your love and support for those who need it most!

Evonne Preciado

Board Member, Route 91 Survivor

I was at Route 91 with my husband and our 3 year old son. Like everyone else who was there and who was affected by this night, October 1, 2017 completely changed my world. While experiencing a pure evil act, I also witnessed the best in humanity.  All of us from different walks of life, doing everything we could to help one another. Once I turned my focus onto the good that came from that night, I began to heal. I realized that part of my why was to spread kindness into the world. LOVEWINS embodied everything I was feeling, and everything I wanted to do. I started with doing a fundraiser for LOVEWINS, and then became a board member. I truly believe in our mission “A Random Act Of Kindness WILL change the world” and know that LOVE will always WIN.

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