Let the MUSIC Play!
Watershed 2019 Day 1
Photo Credit: Dennis S. Guerrero II/ DSGPHOTOS

I can remember the first time I was asked to photograph a music event, the rush of having a Press Pass, the throb of the crowd as they counted down till their favorite act walked across the stage and took us all on a journey that only live music can. There is something about being with ten thousand plus of your dearest friends, singing at the top of our lungs off key, hands in the air, tall can by our sides, and memories being made to last a lifetime. I know personally that music is the soundtrack to my soul, and those special songs are time machines that can invoke time travel to special moments in my life that can never be replaced. First kisses, meeting your future husband or wife, bromances blossoming, and the memories that are so precious you only share them with those that were there and the secret place in your heart!

Many years later, I have photographed some of the most famous people on the planet, but the show stopper pictures that resonate in my soul are the ones with the special moments of any event with the crowd. You know the ones where you capture a couples first kiss, when he proposes, the high five with their idol, the hush of the crowd as the tear jerking love ballets starts as the house lights go dark and the lead singer is illuminated by a lone spotlight with the whole world focused on the sweet voice of love coming from the microphone. Those are the moments that capture a fan and holds them forever in THAT moment for the rest of their lives.

As we are forced into a world where there is no music being played other then via social distancing through video, make shift events, parking lot parties, and illegal gatherings of 10 people or more. I do not know about anyone else, but I personally need music to continue my journey of life. We are social creatures by nature and crave the interactions that can only come through live events that involve, you, me, vendors, tall cans, roaming community shots, and so much more. LET THE MUSIC PLAY! That is the motto that I have taken up like a mantra in hopes and pure belief that I haven’t seen my last show.

One thing this society shut down has taught this photographer was to not take for granted one note of music. To cherish each note like it may be my last because you never know if it might. We are forever in a daily gift of 24 hours to make the most of those 24 hours, and personally I want my 24 hours everyday to have the baddest soundtrack ever. I know that music will always be around in our hearts, our spirits, and in our memories, we just need it to be allowed to be played loud and hard for thousands to enjoy, dance in their seats, sing along, and play the beat to their own drums. With music in your heart, anything is possible, without it, well lets just agree, a world without music is not a world this photographer doesn’t want to be apart of.

Gee Dee


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