History has shown us throughout history that music is and always be the heartbeat to the soul of humanity. Whether its telling a story about the social injustices of the time, to the heartbreak of your first love. Society has always looked to music to tell our stories of Love, Hope, and Healing. When Covid was originally exposed to society and we were told that they needed 14 days of complete shutdown to slow the curve. We all bought into the idea of helping those who were at risk by doing our part. 6 months later, we are being held hostage by the very same idea that was suppose to be a part time solution, has somehow turned into a dictatorship on a worldwide scale. Whole industries are decimated and will never recover. I was asked the question, is this the death of live music? My answer is a loud and strong NO! No matter what has been thrown at us, we have always made it through the other side, a little beat up, but we get through it because it is what we do. Music may not be what we knew it has before but I promise you this, LIVE MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE, because it is something that is based on humanities emotions and the expression of those emotions that reach across all boundaries regardless of who you are in life. If you get a song, you get it. A song can take you on a journey that transcends all space and time. A song can help you heal, a song can help you celebrate, a song can stop time itself and embed itself to the very core of who you are and change the trajectory of your families legacies for future generations to come. So the answer the original question, “Is this the end of live music?” Live music will never die, as long as there is a beat to our hearts. Live music is something that will never die because WE ARE LIVE MUSIC! SING THAT SONG AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING BECAUSE THEY ARE WATCHING! TAKE THAT EXTRA MOMENT AND DANCE WITH YOUR LOVE ONE IN THE KITCHEN, MAKE THE MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFE TIME, WHY? BECAUSE WHEN WE COME OUT OF THE MADNESS OF THIS QUARANTINE, WHEN THE TAILGATING STARTS, THE GRILLS START SIZZLING, THE HUGS START, THE LINES START HEADING TOWARDS THE GATE, AND THE LIGHTS TURN ON, THE SOUND CHECKS START, AND THE FIRST STRUMS OF THE GUITAR HIT THE AIR, WE WILL STAND UP AND SING OUIR SONGS OF LOVE, HOPE, AND HEALING TOGETHER. THE ANSWER IS NO LIVE MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!



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