8 letters that have changed the lives of so many since October 1st, 2017. My life will never be the same since that night, and yet at the same time I would not change one second since that night.

We as a whole, have gone through so much to get to the point we are in our healing journey, and yet we still have a long way to go.

I saw miracles, heroes, and so much more happening that night and so much since. It didn’t matter race, creed, color, sexual preferences, we were all one, with one mission –  to survive. 58 souls didn’t make it and we strive every day since to live a life worthy of those who no longer can.

On the way home, I took to my social media and asked all the friends and people I had met that weekend and the years prior to post pictures showing the greatness of the event and use the hastag #LOVEWINS because I would not let evil win! I was amazed and so grateful for the response that came from that first post. So many people have come to support our simple yet powerful mission….

“A random act of kindness WILL change the world!” All I wanted to do was to stop the madness in my mind and in the process I was blessed with so much more than just a calmed mind and spirit. We have been blessed with the founding eight. Past and present board members, loving and dedicated supporters from day 1, and made relationships that will forever be a part of the fabric of what is now known as LOVEWINS….

We choose to focus on the love, the laughter, the friendships (old and new), and the memories that will last forever. The Country Strong family was born that night and continues to come together in support of each other and to honor the 58 Country Strong Angels.

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