I woke up this morning with a zest for life and refreshed and balanced. As we inch closer to the 6 month mark, so much has happened. #LOVEWINS has taken on a life of its own. The Board has taken HUGE steps to take it to the next level. 501c3 in action and the people we are helping are forever grateful this month angel is being celebrated and we are helping other movements within the #COUNTRYSTRONG family and it’s truly humbling the people that are reaching out and helping us, every donation is appreciated and is greatly appreciated and used wisely and in the most effective manner. I am working hard with everyone involved at all levels to make sure we have a GREAT COUNTRY CONCERT SEASON this year. Be on the lookout for #LOVEWINS at all concerts in SO-CAL and other cities near you. Alicia SotoSoto is hosting the next #LOVEWINS PHOTO GATHERING AND HEALING in the I.E. more information to be released soon. The date is April 22! I’m excited to come and capture the love and healing. I’m working on something super special for #LOVEWINS movement and will have the announcement sooner then later! Guys keep it up. We are making a difference one random act at a time. I’m doing a challenge today…… I’m starting it off with a $58 donation to #LOVEWINS IN HONOR OF OUR 58 GUARDIAN ANGEL’S, and what I’m asking of you, donate what you can and for every donation of $5.00 or more you will receive a #LOVEWINS braclett that was donated so generously by Sherry Evans Hansen to #LOVEWNS and I’ll do that till they are gone. We are changing lives because of YOU GUYS! I’m truly humbled by the support we are receive from a little idea, that turned

into a mission that started a movement! Truly humbled to be on this journey with all of you! To donate go to


Oct. 1 2017 will forever be apart of who I am but I made a decision on Oct. 3 to take a stand and not let evil win in my life and define me. #LOVEWINS was born that morning and has taken on a life of its own. Sunday we came together and celebrated OUR lives and those who are no longer here anymore. It was my first time back to Vegas and the drive there was a long one with God and I having a deep conversation if I was on the right path. It hasn’t been easy being on this path with the world at odds with LOVE these days…. the madness that is our news cycle sometimes can cause you to lose your faith in humanity. And then one day something happens and it’s a make it real simple to say Duck this ish…. And just walk away from it all. Instead I leaned into it and fought my way through it a moment at a time, from the sleepless night, the mood swings, the PTSD, from literally having my wife and my little mini rubbing my head to help me to fall asleep. And in the midst of it all, a fire was lit in my spirit that has turned into a full fledged wildfire called #LOVEWINS. It’s not about anything other then helping those we can, reaching out, and being there for others when needed. My mission is simple, remind people that love still exist in the real world and not just in the movies, to help people get back into their lives with their new normals, and remind people what brought us together, the LOVE OF COUNTRY MUSIC. Last Sunday was the culmination of 3 months of hard work by the Board of Directors of #LOVEWINS Renee Kathleen Frangella Shani Prieto Steve Guido Munoz Greg Phelps Kristen Sartini Lasher Amanda Johnson Lisa Ochoa and all this was spear headed by Shawna Lynn Bartlett who took my idea and knew how special it would be for everyone and made it an event to remember. Life has many moments that can define you or you can use to refine you, you choose! I’m proud to say that I see people using #LOVEWINS to help refine the moment and not let it define you. We had people come from several different states on Sunday and even family from Canada. A huge thank you to Nelson’s Landings to allow us to hold our event there. The band who played their hearts out for us, the food truck for the great food, the volunteers who helped, the photographers who gave of their time and talent to capture the memories, local Law enforcement for coming by and checking on us and making sure we were safe, and for the media that came and told our story of hope and love. It was a truly humbling experience for a guy from EAST L.A. who had a simple idea and to see what it has become. If you can do me a favor today and flood the timelines with YOUR #LOVEWINS movement…. would truly mean alot to us. If you want to help out please feel free to check out
We have some great things on the horizon.
“A random act of kindness WILL change the world!

Vegas Baby….

Today was the Las Vegas #LOVEWINS HEALING AND PHOTO GATHERING and it was FULL of love, laughter, and happiness! We have taken a stance of not letting evil win and showing the world that we stand as one and will forever be bonded as such. As the rest of the world notices that we are quetiely and humbly building something very special that will be here for a long time. I am so grateful and blessed to be apart of this team. I can’t wait for the concert season to begin and make the most of every show and embrace our love of country music and kick the dust up because…..






Our hearts are heavy

There are no words… There are no words to express the heartache for all the families involved in Florida today. There are no words to share that we can empathize with you. There are no words that can take away this terror or bring back your child. The only thing I can say, as I write this through tears, is that you are not alone. Unfortunately, this world can be so cruel at times, yet please believe that it is love that will carry you through this tragedy. Us survivors, from the Las Vegas shooting are here. We are here as a safe place. A place of understanding, a place to share your fears and a place to help you overcome such ugliness. From myself and all survivors, we are truly sorry for the loss of so many lives, the terror that so many children experienced and the parents. Man, the parents, waiting on the outskirts to hear if their babies are safe. We are truly sorry for all that you have experienced. Please believe we are here to support you through this unimaginable time. #LOVEWINS

What does LOVEWINS mean to you?

As the days slowly pass and the memories grow in time, I look back at Oct. 1st, 2017 as a time in my life that 11 minutes changed everything and I am learning to accept it for what it was. Those 11 minutes started a fire and gave it a sense of direction that has taken on a life of its own. How do you combat evil? With love! Dr. King said that hate can not destroy hate, that only creates more hate. I will never forget those 11 minutes of my life. BUT I have come to the realization that I will not let those 11 minutes keep me hostage a second longer. I will break the chains that he tried to place on my COUNTRY STRONG SPIRIT and soar high and proud for those that can no longer soar! I am taking a stand in the face of the evil and say…. NOT TONIGHT! LOVEWINS ALWAYS….. We were knocked down and today I choose to get up, dust myself off, and say I got you one better! Stay strong my friends, you are not alone, you are loved, and you are so cherished by everyone involved with LOVEWINS! That I promise you!
Gee Dee


As we enter the new year, we are excited to see where we are going to take the movement. We have some great things upcoming for our Country Strong Family. Stay tune……..
“A random act of kindness WILL change the world!”