Our Story

#LOVEWINS was started on October 3rd, two days after the event because my timeline was flooded with stories about him. It greatly saddened me because being there that night, I saw humanity answer back with “not today evil”. I simply wanted to flood my timeline with #LOVEWINS moments of happiness and love that people had been experiencing. I needed that to combat all my racing thoughts as I was trying to process what I had just been through. The last 90 days have been a whirlwind of events, emotions and movement that has taken my little idea and turned it into a full blown movement.
It is life changing and I truly believe with every ounce that makes me, that “A random act of kindness WILL change the world!” I know this because it’s changing my world. Thank you for believing in the movement. We are just getting started!


Mission Statement:

To Honor and remember the 58 lives lost on October 1, 2017 by performing random acts of kindness and remaining a constant foundation of support for the Route 91 Family.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to spread love. To make it known that although there was a tragic event that took place and took the lives of 58 amazing people, hate will not prevail. We will move forward and make sure they are not forgotten.

Our Future Goals:

We want to maintain a level of support for the angel’s families and the injured survivors. We plan to start college funds for the children left without a parent, send flowers to a mother who no longer has her child, and genuinely be there for everyone who needs support. We will forever honor our 58 angels, reminding the world that LOVE WINS ALWAYS.

Meet the Team

Let me Introduce you to our team…



Gee is the driving force behind the movement known as LOVEWINS. The idea came from the need to fill his timeline with acts of love instead of what was dominating his timeline Oct. 3. Gee has a passion for what LOVEWINS has become. Gee started LOVEWINS with the intention to help a few families and has turned into a life changing adventure. Gee is excited to see the change in the world that LOVEWINS will bring. He truly believes that, “A random act of kindness WILL change the world!”

Amanda Johnson


Amanda was voted in unanimously by the board as the first President of the LOVEWINS Board of Directors. She has a passion for protecting the Country Strong family that has come from the events on Oct. 1, 2017 due to her brother being injured and losing a dear friend. Amanda is making sure that we are able to fulfill our vision and putting together a mission plan that helps us achieve it in the most effective manner. She has become a major component within our mission and has taken her role as President of the Board very seriously. Amanda is making sure that we are there not only for those directly effected by the event by being there that night, but also making sure the families that were effected by their love ones who are still dealing with the aftermath of that night.


Vice President 

Shawna, is a survivor of the events on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 festival. Shawna is an avid country music lover and has attended several country concert and has met several country artist. Country music, artist, line dancing and enjoying it all with her friends is a huge passion in her life. Shawna also has a very huge heart and out of pure nature genuinely loves helping others. She can do so in a big way being apart of #LOVEWINS

Greg Phelps


Greg and his wife Katrina are survivors of the Route 91 tragedy. In the aftermath of the shooting they decided together to make a positive impact on the world in any way possible. Greg is a financial industry expert with 22 years of experience in financial planning, wealth management, and accounting.


Renee attended Route 91 to celebrate both her love for country music and the city of Las Vegas. She came away part of a countrystrong family brought together by an unspeakable bond. #LoveWins represents her commitment to honor and remember our 58 Angels and to bring hope and love to those impacted. She is excited to share her passion and professional non-profit experience with a community that has supported and embraced her since the events of Oct 1st.


Kristen Lasher is a wife and mother of three. She has always been passionate about helping others and is excited to see what the #LOVEWINS family can achieve together. She and her husband are both survivors of route 91.



Each and every one of you have made this movement possible.

Next Steps…

If you want to be a part of the #LOVEWINS MOVEMENT please feel free to contact us to see where you can help the most….