What LOVEWINS is All About



Forever honor the memories of the 58 angels.


Carry out Lovewins mission and vision with the greatest responsibility and accountability.


Be a benefit to those we serve and those who entrust Lovewins


Ensure Lovewins resources are used efficiently through effective planning 


LOVEWINS started Oct. 3, 2017, just 2 days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, on Oct. 1, 2017. It was started on the idea that “A random act of kindness WILL change the world!” The founding eight came together to help others through their journey of healing and in turn helped themselves heal in the process. 

The initial plan was to do a holiday drive that focused on the 58 families who lost their loved ones and victims from that night. We reached out to what would become the Country Strong Family and people all over the world adopted a family and made sure that each family adopted had everything covered from dinner to gifts. 

We have held fundraisers, group dinners, and photo gatherings as a way for survivors and the families of the 58 lost, to connect with their heroes and new “Framily”  (as we like to call each other). Our world changed in those 11 minutes and we are determined to never let evil win. We believe LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN.  

We have been boots on the ground after similar tragedies such as Borderline and Texas. Whenever and where ever a mass shooting has taken place since Oct 1, 2017 we always respond with How Can We Help? It’s been our belief since the day we were formed that if one person practiced one random act of kindness a day the world can forever be changed. 


LOVEWINS is a beacon of love, hope, and healing for those affected by tragic mass casualty events. Our mission is to help people find light and heal through their darkest times. While our primary focus is steadfast mass casualty events are random and unexpected in nature. As such we also focus on the root causes of these events and engage our community in an effort to reduce or ideally eliminate the need for our existence. 


Creating a better world through kindness, compassion and care for others. Lovewins vision is to accomplish our mission by showing our communities that a random act of kindness can change the world. 

Photo Credit: Tony Aluizo;  TAluizoPhotography

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